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IELTS Cue card Question 154 with model Answer:

Describe your best friend.

You should say:who is he/shehow long you two are friendswhat you vì chưng togetherand explain why you think s/he is your best friend.
Model Answer 1:
The human cannot live alone and thus requires friends. The trend has been on since the inception of the civilisation. I also have many friends and have usually pass moments with them. But Jacob Stalin is my best friend.One might have a good number of friends in different forums but not everyone is considered as the best friend. A best friend should have some specific qualities & responsibilities. Jacob Stalin, a boy of 17 is my best friend for some specific reasons. He is a kind hearted boy and behaves very well with everyone. He proudly owns an adventurer –like look và has a very special hairstyle. He never combs his hair or uses any sort of hair care element. He has a manly look for his large brown eyes & wide forehead. With his sharp nose, he looks wonderful as well. He lives with his family in the block we live in.We are familiar for around eight years. When I was a child of nine years, my father shifted in the current location (Davao đô thị in southern Philippine). He is a businessman và shifted in this coastal thành phố with the aim khổng lồ enlarge his business. When I was admitted lớn the local school, I met with the local students và all of them accepted me cordially. However, there were some invisible distances between us and at last, I found that Jacob is also like me. His family also shifted there a few months ago. Since both of us could not be familiar with the local children, we planned to lớn be together. Already eight years have passed since we met first & hope our friendship will last till our death. By the period of eight years, we have had many quarrels but everything was okay after a few moments. In fact, Jacob and I understand each other very well & thus the troubles do not last long.We bởi vì a lot of things together. The first thing is the study. Both of us help each other in studies since we are in the same grade. During or before the academic tests, we nói qua our views and take notes. Often we exchange notes of different subjects and try to make the texts clearer with each other. Sometimes we move for an outing in far places using bicycles. Fishing is a great task for us. We catch fish from the Davao River. Sometimes we board on boats and move towards the sea for fishing. That is the most important way for us khổng lồ get entertained. Besides, both of us lượt thích to enjoy movies at theatre halls. Whenever we see an advertisement for any new movie, we immediately rush to the theatre. During the familiar events, both of us are invited khổng lồ our respective families and it appears that we have turned the part of the families. All of the family members are well aware of our activities & love us unconditionally.There are many reasons to pick him as my best friend. When I was isolated in my school, he came forward lớn accompany me in my distress. The cultural mismatch was one of the key causes of the mismatch with the local children though they initially appreciated me for arriving from a different culture.

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But they were less cordial with me & treated me as an alien. At that moment, Jacob expanded his helping hand & still he is with me. He is very careful about some issues & with his direct inspiration, I have been performing well in the examinations. Besides, he has a developed an improved sense of right & wrong. When I want lớn commit any misdeeds, he forbids me. So, often I feel lucky lớn have him as my best friend.Model Answer 2:
This a very interesting question khổng lồ answer. In fact, all the friends are best for me. But if I consider the issue deeply, it appears that Lara is the best of the best. Now it is my time lớn describe her. Thank you again for asking such a nice question.Lara is my very best friend for some reasons. She is the person whom I admire most for her personality and friendly attitude. I bởi not know how a young lady of 18 become the centre of attraction with all her charming attitudes. She is helpful and loves lớn socialise with people.I met her first at my university here in Austria. She was the most interesting character in the class. Coincidentally she sat with me and started talking about various issues. At first, I was a bit disturbed by her excessive talking because I am introvert in nature. Later, I realised that she is a girl of an outgoing nature. I also discovered some other qualities of Lara that attracted me most. Finally, when the classes were over and we were set for home, I found that she lived in the next lane of mine. It was the beginning of our friendship and it is running for over three years.We vì chưng a lot of things together. The first and the most important thing is that we love to read books. We exchange books. Sometimes we also have some assignments together for our classes. Watching movies regularly has become a passion for us. Besides, both of us has a common goal. We love lớn shop. So, visiting the malls is a kind of hobby for us. Every evening we move for shopping but we bởi vì not buy all the times. Sometimes, we have window shopping. Further, participating in indoor activities is another mutual activity for us that both of us love to lớn take part in. Joining nightclubs is another size of entertainment for us that we love so much.Lara is my best friend for some reasons. Initially, I was not interested in making friends with her for her extrovert nature. But later I thought that I was jealous of her outgoing nature và thus tried to avoid her. Finally, I came lớn the conclusion that I should not avoid Lara & be a good friend of her. Now we are having a very intimate & nice relationship. In fact, she is the best friend of mine now. She has occupied the place with her natural chất lượng and also loves me much. She is always with me and provides realistic suggestion lớn make the things smoother. For all the reasons, I think she is my best friend.