Ielts essay # 94


The world is filled with different types of music because it is filled with different kinds of people. From music genres to lists of music styles, discover how many types of music there are in the world.

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CountryElectronic dance music (EDM) Hip-hopIndie rockJazzK-popMetalOldiesPopRapRhythm và blues (R&B)Rock

Major Types of African Music

African music can vary widely by region, but common instruments include drums, musical bows, xylophones, và rattles. Music and dance go together in many African cultures & help mark important life events while bringing communities together.

AfrobeatsBengaChimurengaEthio-jazzGnawa/ethno-pop/gwani bluesHighlifeHiplifeInkiranyaJujuMajikaMbalaxNdomboloPalm wineRababah
ShaabiSomali jazzSoukou/Congolese rumbaUbongoZilinZouglou

Major Types of Asian Music

Traditional Asian music includes a lot of flutes & pipes, drums, and unique stringed instruments. The traditional approach to music in many Asian countries was scientific, or methodical. Modern Asian pop music keeps the simplicity of traditional music, but adds modern appeal.

BailaBollywoodCarnatic Chinese folkChinese traditional operaC-popDangdutGagaku court musicGoa tranceHindustaniJapanese folkJ-popK-trotPunjabiRafiRaga rockV-pop

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Major Types of Caribbean Music

Caribbean music often features a mix of African and European music styles. The most popular instruments used in Caribbean music are drums and other percussion instruments and different types of guitars. Dance & music go hand-in-hand.

RocksteadySalsaSkaSocaSteel band music/pan musicZouk

Major Types of European Music

Traditional European music is best exemplified by the classical music genre, as many noted classical musicians were from Europe. Modern European music incorporates a phối of influences from around the world.

A capellaCeltic chantDrum và bassEuro-discoFlamenco
Glitch popGrimeOperaPolkaTrance

Major Types of Latin and South American Music

Popular và common types of music in Latin America and South America are often referred khổng lồ as Latin music. Traditional và modern Latin music often feature upbeat tunes, are heavily influenced by a variety of cultures, và include complex rhythms.

BachataBaladaBossa novaCompasCumbiaMariachi

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Major Types of North American Music

Traditional American music and Canadian music features drums và simple instruments used by Native tribes. Modern American music incorporates influences from a variety of cultures.

American folk BluegrassBluesCanadian folkGospelIndustrialSwingTejanoZydeco

Music khổng lồ Move You

There are thousands of types of music played around the world. You can learn more about specific types of music by learning about iconic musicians like Bob Marley or modern musicians lượt thích Rihanna. If you"re looking lớn have some fun with music, explore some interesting music facts.