- Listen & find the main words about location, numbers to lớn fill in blanks & decide that the sentences are true or false.

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 2. Skills:

 - Students improve their listening skill.

 - Listening: Students will be able lớn listen và find out necessary information

 to fill in blanks.

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 - Speaking: Students have a little practice to talk about national parks.

 3. Attitude:

 -Students have positive & constructive attitude in learning.

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 -Students love animals and trees in National parks.And they are aware of protecting natural environment.


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Date of preparation: Date of performance: Time: 45 minutesTeacher: Nguyen Duc Long Unit 11: NATIONAL PARKS Period:68 Lesson 3: ListeningI. OBJECTIVES 1. Knowledge: -By the over of the lesson, students will be able to: - Get more information about Cuc Phuong National Park.- Listen and find the main words about location, numbers lớn fill in blanks and decide that the sentences are true or false. 2. Skills: - Students improve their listening skill. - Listening: Students will be able to lớn listen and find out necessary information to fill in blanks. - Speaking: Students have a little practice lớn talk about national parks. 3. Attitude: -Students have positive & constructive attitude in learning. -Students love animals & trees in National parks.And they are aware of protecting natural environment.II. TEACHING METHODS Integrated, presentation, work in pair,group work...III. TEACHING AIDSBooks, lesson plan, computer, projector, powerpoints, blackboard, handout...IV. ANTICIPATED PROBLEM -Students may not know many vocabulary items related to lớn flora, fauna...V. PRODURES 1. Class organization (1mns)ClassDateAttendanceAbsentees102. Checking homework ( No)4. New lesson ( 38 minutes)Stage /TimeTeacher’s activitiesStudents’ activities Warm- up( 5 minutes)Pre- Listening( 12 minutes)While- Listening( 12 minutes) Post- Reading( 5 minutes)- Give a clip about Rain forest.Ask students : -What is the video talking about? - What can be seen in the video?a. Discussion- Ask students to lớn work in pairs và answer the questions:- Ask some students to give answers. B. Vocabulary1. Fauna (n) (T uses a picture to lớn describe)2.Flora (n) (T explain: all the plants of a particular place).3.Attack (v) (use a picture)4.Enemy(n) (using picture and explain : a person who hates or opposes another person & tries khổng lồ stop them from doing something). - hotline out the new words.- Read and ask students to lớn repeat new words.- Leave students 1 munite to self- pactice.- Ask some students to read all the words aloud in front of the class.- kiểm tra students understanding by slap on the board.- Guide student the game rules1.Task 1:Listen và fill in the missing information.( 15mns)- Before listening, teacher asks students to guess the missing information.- Helps students know the kinds of word suitable with each blank.1. In + number of year;2. Locate + number;3. Nearly +number;4. There are + number;5. Its + noun.Ask students lớn find the key words of each sentence.Underline the key words.Play the tape, asks students to listen carefully and fill in the blanks.Play the tap again.Ask students lớn compare the answers with the partner. - gọi 2 students to lớn write down their answers on the black board .- Play the tape again, checks with whole class & gives the answers on the board.2. Task 2. Listen again & answer the questions.- Ask students khổng lồ work in pairs, listen again and answer this questions.- Play the tape again.- call students khổng lồ give the answers on the board- Teacher checks the answers with whole class.Ask students to lớn use information about Cuc Phuong National Park to talk something about it.- Ask students to lớn work in groups of four - Ask each group to lớn give some suggestions about the special features of Cuc Phuong national park ,using the following figures as cues: 160km; 2000; 450; quen Voi.- Ask the leader of each group khổng lồ try khổng lồ talk about Cuc Phuong National Park, depend on the special features in their paper.- Give an example: Cuc Phuong is the first National Park in Vietnam.- Give feedback and correct.- Watch the clip and give the answers.1.Video talking about rain forest.2.There are many old trees.- Answers:1. Cuc Phuong National Park is located 160kilometres of Hanoi.2. The area of the rainforest in Cuc Phuong National Parks is 200 square kilometres.3. The best time khổng lồ visit Cuc Phuong National Park is the dry season from October khổng lồ April.4. In Cuc Phuong National Park we can see a one thousand-year-old tree.- Listen & repeat after teacher.- Practise.- Read the words aloud.- Listen lớn the teacher.- Work individually, try to lớn guess the missing information they will hear.- Try lớn guess the missing words.- Find the key word for each sentence.- Work individually & listen the tape.- Take note the answers.- Listen the tape again and kiểm tra the answers with the teacher.1. 19602. 160 km south west of 3. 100, 000 visitors4. About 2,0005. Surprise attack- Go khổng lồ the board và give their answers.It covers 3 provinces: Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh và Thanh Hoa.It is about 160 kilometeres.They come there khổng lồ see the work being done to protect endangered species.Nguyen Hue defeate the Qing invaders in the spring of 1789.5. They live mainly on bee keeping & farming.- Listen to lớn the teacher and answer the questions.- Work in groups of two row tables.- Write some special features on the papers, may be: + the first national park + flora và fauna + caves + Muong ethnic minority- The leader of each group try lớn talk about the special feature of Cuc Phuong National Park.Answers:Cuc Phuong is located 160km south west of Hanoi.There are about 2000 different species of flora và 450 species of fauna.And in this park you can visit the cave of quen thuộc Voi, where quang quẻ Trung’s army was stationed before its surprise attack on Thang Long4. Consolidation ( 2 minutes): Summarize the main nội dung of the lesson.Summarize some special features of Cuc Phuong National Park.Give advice lớn Ss to protect nature, don’t cut down green trees.5. Homework ( 2 minutes): - Teacher asks students to try khổng lồ write more about features the Cuc Phuong National Park in the notebooks.- Teacher asks students to lớn learn the new words by heart.- Teacher asks students to prepare some ways of accepting and refusing for the next lesson VI. Comment1. Good point:2. Bad point: