Task 3

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This post is on IELTS Speaking Part 2: Cue card. It’s a common cue card which is A Competition You Have Entered. I’ve provided a sample answer for you here. Try to learn và practice it. You can địa chỉ cửa hàng something or change it according to lớn your choice.Bạn sẽ xem: Describe a competition/contest you have entered

Have a close look at the cue card và prepare some notes for 1 minute. Here is a sample of note-taking that I prepared.

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Model Answer:

Since my childhood, I have been attending different competitions in different places and on different occasions. I have never stopped and still like to join any competition if my time allows me. I have won numerous prizes too. I would like to talk about such a competition which was not only exciting but also very entertaining.

On the Run Day (as it was named by the Organizers), I went khổng lồ the start-point & registered my name in the competition. I was delighted lớn see some local faces there. I also found three of my close friends among the 40 competitors. I was a bit nervous but when I saw familiar faces I became relieved. A volunteer approached me và instructed me to lớn take a position. We started running at the sound of the whistle from a referee. It was a 4 miles long 2-laps running competition. I concentrated on my running as I wanted to lớn be among the first three runners. It was a toiling & very thrilling run for me ever in my life. I was nearly shocked to lớn hear my name from the announcement table. They were saying that I became second in the competition. I couldn’t believe my ears. Later I looked at the gallery & found some of my peers shouting at me & waving with flowers.

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I still remember the competition as an inspiration in my life. It showed me one strong character of myself. Actually, running was not my habit. Yet, deep down, I knew I could win a competition lượt thích this. Since then I have participated in many other running competitions & won some other prizes. I still feel the chill of winning which I felt on the Run Day.

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This topic thẻ answer will also help you to take preparation on some other similar topic cards such as:

A prize you wonAn sự kiện you rememberYour favorite memoryA school competition you have enteredA life sự kiện you recallThe best moment of your lifeA memorable performance of youThe day you recall most etc.

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